What is web design?

This is web design
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Web design is the process from idea for a website or web application to hosting it. It starts with the design of the web pages. Hereby, the customer is listened to which topics he wants to offer. The web designer notes this information and starts sketching. These must comply with the corporate identity of the brand or organization, this creates consistency and unity.

After he has worked out his plan on paper, it is digitally sketched into a prototype. When that meets the customer's expectations, programming can begin. It brings the structure, layout and movement to life. When this is complete, it can be uploaded online to an available domain name.
Your website will then be online.

Web design has become a broader profession in recent years. Nowadays there is also a lot of talk about: User Experience design, User Interface design, Front-End development, Search Engine Optimization.

Read more about these disciplines below.


"What is the difference between UX and UI Design?"

User Experience Design

UX Design

User Experience Design can be seen everywhere. For example, reading the newspaper, driving a car and even peeling a banana. This is present everywhere. UX design is concerned with how the user experiences the process when using it. This process starts with research, user research. Then the design and focus on user-friendliness. The simplicity of this is the most important aspect.

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

UI Design

User Interface design is the design of the system. Is it consistent and does it match the corporate identity? Is the hierarchy clear? These questions are kept central. The use of color and typography are also important elements. Knowing where and when to use it should be well thought out. But the most important discipline remains the layout. The advantage remains that certain parts have been given a standard position, because people are used to it.

User Interface Design

What is
Front-End Development?

Front-End Development

The bridge between design and realization

When building a website, webshop or other web application, many elements are involved. The research into the customer, the connection with the corporate identity and the realization. The Front-end developer develops and realizes the design into a working system. It bridges the gap between the user and the system.

During this process, various programming languages ​​are used to make the system as simple as possible to use. Which languages ​​and techniques are actually used?
We will name a few:

front end development

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