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Graphic design is the art of communicating a message through a medium in an artistic way. Since it has a general definition, Espant classifies other activities under it.

Graphic design is often seen as the design of various printed matter including: magazines, brochures and business cards. The graphic designer comes up with the idea or the message behind it and the desktop publisher designs and prints the product.

Corporate identity and logo design. Many companies find it important to have a good logo and a good corporate identity. A corporate identity includes the components: use of color, font and style elements. It is the visual identity of a brand. It is often thought that the logo of a brand and corporate identity are separate elements of a company. They are not and on the contrary a logo is only part of the complete corporate identity. Espant offers a timeless corporate identity, a logo for every occasion and a modern look for recognizing your target group. Other parts of a corporate identity are: corporate clothing, wrapped company car, interior, billboard advertising and website or other digital products. The sky is the limit.


"Graphic design is the art of communicating a message through a medium in an artistic and visually appealing way."

What does corporate identity design include?

Responsive logo design

The jewel of your corporate identity

A company logo is the most important part of a corporate identity. Without a logo, the target group does not know the brand. A logo often consists of two parts: the image and the word mark.
The logo is the icon, pictogram or illustration. The word mark is the name of your company. This is often expressed in a unique and recognizable font.

Nowadays a responsive logo is very important for expressing your brand. Your logo must be recognizable and applicable on every medium. Here on the right are some examples of well-known brands that have a responsive logo in response to its use.


A targeted message with a taste

Prepress are the printable items that promote your business. This involves techniques such as graphics, color management and printing. This often happens in large halls with gigantic printers. To ensure that colors cannot deviate, the PMS is used to guarantee the correct color values.

Examples that are made in prepress are: newspapers, brochures, magazines, business cards, bus shelters, flags and vehicle decals.


* PMS is short for Pantone Matching System. Pantone is by far the most widely used color system for print.


A visual taste and tangible sound

Typography is the art of typesetting. There are endless styles in which texts can be designed. What types of font are there?

1. Sans serif

The most commonly used class is sans serif. The sans serif fonts radiate simplicity and the future. Hence, tech companies & start-ups use this font.

2. Serif

The serif fonts are often regarded by people as classic and conservative and stylish. This class is mainly used by financial companies, clothing brands & universities.

3. Script

This class is the friendliest of the list. These fonts are chosen to be found attractive by the public. Many clothing brands, food brands and restaurants opt for these classes.

4. Slab serif

Slab serif fonts often give a solid, confident and natural look. This is mainly used in the technical sector.

5. Decorative

The decorative class is the most unique in this list. This class often clearly defines the theme and is the most attractive to the average consumers to choose for your product. These fonts are most commonly used by food related companies, amusement park and animal parks & products for children.


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