Motion design

Motion design, or animation and moving images, are indispensable and more inclusive for your corporate identity. People have always been fascinated by moving objects. Espant helps to incorporate this in your house style.

What is motion design?

Motion design is an interactive form of graphic design. Every form of this is conceivable: illustrations, 3D. All of this is possible. How can your company stand out through animations and motion design?

How is such a video made?
Animations are conceived, designed and realized by the motion designer. Just like with the construction of a film, a storyline and storyboard are set up of what the end result will look like. After the storyboard is complete, it can be recorded or animated.

Just like with movies, special effects are added afterwards. When the video is finished, it can be rendered. This process often takes some time to process data. Once the rendering is complete, the video is ready to use.

In addition to a solid logo, Espant Design has an
interactive logo for video use.

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