Simplicity. Unique. Modern.

That's what Espant stands for.

How did Espant Design come about?

During the Corona pandemic, Espant Design was founded to provide companies with identity through Web design, graphic design and advice. On February 12, 2021 (February 12, 2021) Espant was officially registered in the trade register. Espant was founded by Stefan van der Kort.

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What does Espant stand for?

Espant is derived from the English word "Expand", which means expanding, growing and striving for perfection. By replacing the letters X and D with S and T, it is an almost anagram for the founder's first name: Stefan.

Easter eggs

It also contained a number of hidden messages. By creating simplicity and negative spaces, there were four hidden arrows in it. This made the shape look like a plus sign that would associate added value. The vision also gave an impression of purpose and the focus on results. Finally, it turned out that an HTML tag was hidden in it. The combination S P A N.

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